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Tail Up Room

Our Tail Up Room is a comfortable size for a single cat or 2 cat family.

4" Wide x 4" Depth x 4" High.  

It's simple but bath room is completely private covered with curtain. Cats can be shy.

Spacious with perches. And of course, an entertaining scratch pole.


 - Room Amenity -


* Scratching Pole with marbles
* Ceramic Water Bowl.

​* Ceramic food bowl with owners food

​*  Water change (Menehune bottled)
   twice a day or more.

* Natural Pine Cat Litter

* Comfortable Blanket

   (If you are using a cat bed or blanket, please bring your own! Your kitty can smell yours. That makes your kitty more comfortable!) 


​$50 / Night Per Cat
 ​Additional Cat $10


​$40 / Night Per Cat
 ​Additional Cat $10

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