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What Do I Need Before Arrival

Proof of current FVRCP (also known as "3-in-1” vaccine. 12 – 36 months based on your veterinarian’s recommendations). Done no less than 72 hours prior to kitty cat’s arrival date. Must be provided in advance of your kitty cat’s stay – this is mandatory…no exceptions!

What should I bring?

Food - Please bring ENOUGH food for your kitty cat to be fed at least twice per day for the duration of your kitties stay. Eating their own food is the ideal scenario for your kitty's belly and stress levels. If you forget your food or running out,  we will buy the same brand for an additional fee. 

Treat - Yes! Please! Cats LOVE treat!  

Supplement or Medicine -  If your kitty need special care, no problem. Please let us know. 


Favorite home items - We highly recommend you bring kitty cat’s favorite toy and/or blanket, your cloth  , something that your kitty can smell and lounge on to make he/she feel even more at home. Washable beds and small condos are welcome but if too bulky, we may not be able to accommodate. Please be sure to label ALL of your items, including canned food in advance. 

Litter - ​ We are provide natural pine pellet for your cat litter.  If your cat prefers something different,  please bring own cat litter and litter box and scoop too!! 

My Cat Is Only Indoor, Do I need To Do Flea Treatment? 

Yes. There are many ways for your cat to get fleas even if they are 100% indoors. If we find fleas on you cat, we will charge $100 / each cat. Please use “Advantage”. The more inexpensive remedies dont work as well. Flea collars aren’t strong enough to kill fleas. 

Can I Drop Off / Pickup My Cat Anytime?

Aloha Cat Hotel check-ins and check-outs are by appointment only.
Check-ins and outs like Human's Hotel.

Check in time : 12 pm to 5 pm
Check out time : 9 am to 12 pm 

Do You Have Any Minimum Stay? 

Minimum stay from 2 nights. We are sorry don't accept daycare.  
You can use us when you have house renovation, house termite treatment, any reason! 

​For 2 nights stay, you will need to pay in full before boarding. 

Do You Have Any Discount? 

Yes, If your kitty stays more than 10 days. You will get one free night! (Day 11 will be free)  
​For example, if you have a 14 day vacation, you would be charged for 13 days with a carry over credit of 3 days on your next booking(Only for our member).

My Cat Is Still Kitten. Can We Boarding? 

Please inquire about boarding cats under 3 months due to incomplete vaccinations.

My Cat Needs Dietary Supplement And Medication

Yes, our staff can administer most supplements and medications. Dietary supplements are generally given as part of the feeding routine. Medications are handled separately with stricter processes. 

Do I Need A Deposit To Make A Rreservation?

Yes, we require 50% deposit to hold your reservation. Rest of your fee will be charged when you check in. 

Please understand if we didn’t receive your deposit by the deadline, we will release your reservation especially Holiday season, Spring and Summer Break.  

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Guests who cancel confirmed reservations at least 10 days prior to their arrival date, for non-peak periods, will have their deposit fully refunded. Confirmed reservations for a Spring & Summer Break / Holiday / peak period must be cancelled at least 14 days prior to arrival to receive a refund of the deposit.

Cancelation fee is.. 

10 days (or 14 days peak dates) before your boarding - 100% of your deposit fee

9 - 6 days before your boarding - 80%

5 days before your boarding  - 70%   

4 days before your boarding  - 50% 

3 days before your boarding  - 25% 

2 days before your boarding  - 0% 

​Cancel on the day  -  100% of your deposit fee

Can I Come And Take A Look At The Hotel Before I Book A Reservation?

We encourage our guests families to view the accommodations to make sure its right for them.

​By appointment only.

Tours are available from 9-10am and 4-5pm 7 days a week.

Do You Board Cats Who Are Sick?

No. If your kitty cat shows signs of a cold or infection upon check-in, we cannot board kitty. The health of our existing boarders is our priority and we cannot compromise that. 

Do You Arrange Special Accommodations For Early Check-In/ Late Check Outs?

Yes, provided space is available. Must be scheduled in advance. Additional fee: $20 outside the normal check in/check out times.

More Questions?? 

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​Please contact us!!

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